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inner personal Healing, Happiness, and Refinement 

Dancing With Shadows

    Shadow Work Course,

Dancing With Shadows is a design your own shadow work study course. Choose from an on your own personal reflection journal, guided courses, added extras, and apprenticeship.  

Shadow work is an increasingly popular form of inner work. In Dancing With Shadows the internal process work is through all four bodies: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. DWS asks the tough questions to get us back into meaningful relationship with all parts of ourselves. This program encourages us to love our shadows and integrate the parts of self we have cast aside. 

DWS teaches shadow work as a spiritual practice. Just like yoga, meditation, prayer, guitar.... the practice shadow work is also never done. This is the spiral path of refinement. DWS offers an opportunity to unwind the next layer to reveal an even more radiant YOU. 

Spiritual Guidance 

1:1 Mentorship,
 4 Body
Somatic Experiencing 
and Integration, 


These one on one mentorship sessions focus on supporting you where you are, and supporting you in one aspect of being/session. Choose to focus on Mental, Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual. These sessions are appropriate for who any who are wanting a less structured and smaller time commitment option, continued support after DWS, or any who perhaps don't quite feel ready for the deep dive of shadow work. 

Get grounding, spiritual guidance and support around processes that you are currently sitting with. Focus on the known or unknown. Are you feeling trauma/ Trauma; are you working to letting go of a "bad" habit, working toward consistency, processing internal resistance,  forgiving yourself,  wanting to reawaken your power, purpose and confidence? 

First session is 45min and is a FREE consultation. 

Be Free Breathwork


Plant Teacher Sessions

Private 1:1
Massage, Yoga
or Breathwork


Be Free Breathwork (TM) is an experiential process of exploring your internal consciousness and going on a journey using your own breath.  We begin with an opening welcome circle and check in, then give you all the information like what the process can look like, why we wear a blindfold, how to use your breath, what to expect, and what happens when we are done. Enjoy this process with a small group locally, or one on one with Alexandra.

To learn more about the Be Free Breathwork process itself visit::

Public and Private 
Group and 1:1 


Alexandra teaches yoga locally at The Be Free Healing Center in Fort Collins and live via Zoom, and is available for private small groups and one on one classes. 

Her classes are a 60 - 75min long and feature slow flow movement, asana (posture), pranyamyama (breathwork), and meditation. Her classes are accessible to the beginner and those looking for a working class with plenty of relaxation. 

Alexandra currently teaches Fridays 4-5pm Chill and Destress Restorative Yoga, and Sundays 10-11am Yoga for Peace of Mind. 

Alexandra is also a licensed massage therapist, however only practices massage in these sessions. 

Enjoy a medical plant experience using herbal plant medicine tinctures, smokeable mixtures, or medicinal teas. Add one of the following medicines to your massage session, or private yoga or breathwork experience. 

Choose from: CBD, THC (Colorado only), Rose, Lemon Balm, Lavender,
or Choice of Medicinal Mushroom Tea : Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, and more! 

Learn about the benefits of each plant offered above here.....

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Public and Private 
Group and 1:1