Inner Personal 

Healing, Happiness,

Now Available for Online Sessions


Meet Alexandra

Momprenuer, Writer, Yoga Teacher,
Plant Medicine Guide, Breathwork Facilitator,  Spiritual Mentor, Creatress

Alexandra supports her clients in finding inner personal healing, happiness, and refinement in their lives through plant medicine journeys,  shadow work,  yoga,
and Be Free Breathwork in 1:1 and group experiences. 

Alexandra knows that most of us already know what we should be doing in order to accomplish our goals. Alexandra's specialty is helping her clients get out of their own way and step into increasingly refined ways of Being and
showing up in the world.

Or, when you find yourself up against your own unknowing, your own trauma, Trauma, fear, and/ or resistance, Alexandra facilitates the alternative therapeutic modalities  listed above to support you in  journeying to deeper layers of your subconscious safely to receive awarenesses that support you in profound mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, happiness, and refinement. 
Looking forward to connecting with you. 
May you receive abundant blessing.